Search Hints

Search by:
  • Form Number. Example: 308837 -- Do not use dashes.
  • Part number. Example: 240-462 or 240462. If you didn't get results with the dash, try taking the dash out. Some of the literature was created without the dashes being used.
  • Phrase. Example: Air Exhaust Ventilation.
Some of the literature is scanned and therefore will not be located via the search form.

Search OperatorsFinds
AND and &literature that contains both the conditions or words separated by AND
OR or |literature that contains either of the conditions or words separated by OR
cat & dog & fishall three of these words
cat | dog | fishat least one of these words
cat, dog, fishat least one of these words. Higher relevance is given to literature that contain two or three of these words
(dog AND cat) OR fishdog and cat; fish
dog AND (cat OR fish)dog and cat; dog and fish
ca* | do*literature with words that contain ca or do in them