Graco Inc.

Logo Configurations

The Graco logo comes in two configurations, vertical and horizontal. You may choose to use the configuration that best fits within the media you are designing, as long as it is an approved format shown within these guidelines.

Vertical Signature

The vertical signature is used on letterhead, business cards, envelopes, print collateral, posters, signage, booths and displays, product labels, packaging, and any item that uses the Graco brand.

Horizontal Signature

The horizontal signature is used where a greater prominence and legibility of the logotype is necessary. Some applications for this configuration include headers on digital materials (e.g. website, emails and blogs), horizontal ad spaces, horizontal product labels, horizontal display headers, or applications where the logotype must be legible at a distance, such as on product displays or retail packaging.

If the vertical configuration cannot be used due to space restrictions (see sections on Sizing and Graco Manufacturing), then use the horizontal signature.